Upstairs Function Room


The Upstairs Function Room has been used for many events and functions, from weddings, charity events, birthday parties, funerals, christenings and christmas parties which are held every year around christmas time. the prices for the room varies for example,


If your would like to hire the room as a member,



Desposit: £200

Room Hire: £50


And for non members,



Desposit : £200

Room Hire: £150


The room caters to 150 people in total, if it is less than 100 people then only 2 bar staff will be required which is covered by the room hire cost, but if it is more than 100 then you will require 3 bar staff which will then cost you an additional £35 for the 3rd staff member. If you require a 1am bar then you will have to pay an extra £35 also.